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About Me  

Yakun Chen (陈雅琨) is a media artist and product designer based in Seattle, WA. She received her BA in Design Media Art (DESMA) at UCLA, and MFA in Digital + Media at Rhode Island School of Design.

Yakun works with a variety of media, ranging from installation, media art, to more traditional forms such as paintings and illustrations. By applying a poetic and yet representational language, she walks with her audience into a world of delicate equilibrium and framed moments that often slip through a stream of daily events. Intimacy, dwelling space, ordinary objects are words that you can easily extract from her dreamlike images.

With a sensitivity in light and color, she fiddles with the dynamic between her and her audience by creating storytelling atmosphere with objectified emotions that balances on the edge of warm-hearted intimacy and sentimental absence.

Yakun is also a product designer currently working at Microsoft, focusing on creating seamless experience for Office product on macOS, iOS and iPadOS.

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