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Jan 2016       



Real-time Installation

We upload our moods to the internet intentionally or subconsciously everyday, and those social networks are like giant animals feed by millions emotional elements 24/7. In this project, every mirror-prism acting as a kaleidoscope is always at the state of changing, and has the infinite inside dynamic power to stimulate more. They invite the viewers to look inside, and experience the possibility and complexity of this creature which is actually we ourselve.

The most updated tweet is going through an semantic analyzation and categorized into 8 major human emotions (expectation, joy, trust, surprise, fear, sadness, disgust, anger). The corresponding emotion then adds a portion of influence to the current particle colors as well as its moving directions. Thus, the visual is a synthesize outcome of both the latest tweet and the accumulation of different moods

︎  Installation in Digital+Media 2016 Biennial “Dark Matter”, at Sol Koffler Gallery 

︎  Process of making acrylic prisms