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Mar 2014       


Mystery Circus

Board game  

1v1v1v1 Asymmetrical Free-For-All game.

There are four kinds of characters in the game: magician, clown, animal and acrobat.
Each player controls one kind of character and occupies one circular board.

The game board was designed in the shape of gear.
Players rotate their own gears in turn, and subsequently change the
position and distance between the game bits on other players’ boards.
After every rotation, players have to accomodate the playing strategy to the new position.



From this moment, you become the only magician of this mysterious circus.
To ensure your safety, please use your powers appropriately.
- When you are next to an acrobat, you can paralyze him.
- When you are next to an animal, you can change it into
a magician that have the same abilities as you.
- When you are next to a clown, you can do nothing.

Hey, you are the animals of this mysterious circus. You have 6 members!
To protect your members, please use your powers wisely.
- When you are next to an acrobat or clown,
you can kill him and occupy its position.
- If two animals are next to a magician at the same time,
you can kill him and occupy its position.

Brilliant! You are the acrobats of this mysterious circus! You get 9 members
in your team. For safety, please use your power appropriately:
- If you roll 1, 3, 5, you can move double steps.
- You can't kill anyone.

Congratulations! You become the clowns of this mysterious circus.
You have two clowns in total. Try to use your powers at the right time to protect yourselves:
- You have eight cards. Most of them can drag you out of troubles and dangers.
When you are next to someone, you can choose to open or not open a card.
- If you open a card, please follow its instruction.

︎  Identity cards  

︎  Mood cards only for “Clown” player

︎  “Recess” exhibition at New Wight Gallery, Los Angeles, CA