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Jun 2015       



Holographic 3D Animation 

This project is about an imaginary world constructed by an aboveground city and an underground city, which were both created based on the pattern of a deserted circuit board. The cities floating in darkness cycle through a journey from birth to deconstruction, times and times again. Like a miniature version of our world, in which all components were self-perpetuate in a way.

Special thanks to Noa Kaplan  

︎  Drawing of pattern outlines of a deserted circuit board  

︎  Test Render

︎  Installation in the “CURRENTS” International New Media Art Festival at Santa Fe, New Mexico

︎  Animation Projection inside the Hologram Prism  

︎  Aboverground City (front, back, left, right - 4 sides animation)  

︎  Underground City (front, back, left, right - 4 sides animation)